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Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Thanks for choosing the "Get an A Guide" for A2 Government & Politics, Ideologies and Ideologies in Action (for AQA). 

This companion website will be constantly "under construction".  Suggestions for links and resources are very welcome.


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  2. I came to this site hoping to see - as it promises - loads of info for 4B but sadly there is nothing. Apart from TSR are there any other resources? It's ONLY 4 B and Duncan's book only has about 50 pages on the whole module so I fear that will not nearly be enough...

  3. Robin - glad you're finding the book useful. Shazmin - sorry you're not finding it so useful! I am adding more links here for the 4b module over the next few weeks - so there should be quite a bit for your revision.

    I think you'll find the chapters in the book useful in terms of pointing you in the right direction - it's quite exam-focused. Once you've read the sections, so you understand the key points, get looking at the main political parties key policies in these areas. Lots of marks available for up-to-date knowledge and understanding of this. I would also recommend a good AS Sociology textbook (just find one in the library) to add to your knowledge for the Education section.

    Post any questions here and I'll do my best to answer them.